Buddha's Belly Bamboo - Bambusa ventricosa

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Buddha's Belly Bamboo

Bambusa ventricosa

Buddha's Belly Bamboo PictureBuddah's Belly Bamboo is a part of the Bambusa genus. It is a clumping bamboo that can grow as tall as 55 feet. The bottom of the culms will sometimes swell and look similar to a person's plump midsection.

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English Name: Buddha's Belly Bamboo
Max Height: 55' (17 m)
Max Diameter: 2.25" (6 cm)
Minimum Temp: 15°F (-9°C)
Light Exposure: Full sun
Rhizome System: Clumping

Container Size Price
1 Gallon N/A
5 Gallon $35.00
15 Gallon $90.00

Buddha Belly Bamboo